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HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review

Kingston's Cloud Revolver HyperX S earphone takes the original Cloud Revolver head free and gives it numbers of changes to make the headphone sound more flexible for gaming, music and video amusement.

On account of Dolby advanced flag preparing that makes virtual 7.1-channel encompass sound, the Cloud Revolver S headset joins the alliances of other premium gaming headsets went for full submersion and finish situational mindfulness.

In any case, contenders like the $100 (£110, AU$160) Corsair Void Pro RGB and the $100 (£90,AU$170) Creative Sound BlasterX H7 Tournament Edition likewise offer amusement arranged 7.1-channel encompass at a lower sticker price, so the HyperX headset has a remark at $150 (£140, AU$250).

As we'll investigate, beside a couple of minor issue, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S headset genuinely substantiates itself inside and out we could think to move it.


The stylish of the HyperX Cloud Revolver S is pretty and not excessively "gamery." A couple of focuses indicate its gaming nature, yet they're unobtrusive. With the amplifier evacuated, just the "HX" logo demonstrating HyperX on both ear mugs truly yells "gaming."

The highly contrasting shading plan isn't emotional, with dark being most unmistakable and white just appearing as minor accents on the ear containers and strung into the headband. Red LEDs, in the mean time, just show up on the USB control box, and they aren't glaring.

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S physical form is significantly more amazing. The headset is worked around a smooth, steel outline that is satisfying to the touch and the eyes. This offers an adaptable and strong feel. Generally metal edges can present a touch of clamor if brushed or tapped, however a couple of elastic dampers help limit the resonation. Matte plastic ear containers append to the steel edge and turn a couple of degrees toward each path and the headband slides openly for programmed acclimation to fit a client's head.

The headband and earpads are canvassed in cowhide like "leatherette" cushions brimming with lavish adaptable foam that offer solace for a considerable length of time and legitimize the utilization of "Cloud" in the headset's name. We've worn a lot of lighter headsets and earphones that felt vastly more awkward. The earpads influence a wide circle, to easily fit substantial ears and spread out the clasping to weight to the point of being insignificant.

The receiver is one of only a handful couple of feeble focuses in the outline. It connects to the HyperX Cloud Revolver S by means of a 3.5mm jack at the base of the left earphone. It's thick, bendable, and feels strong with no presented work to stress over tearing. .

The issue is that it jumps at the chance to bounce back a bit from where it's situated if it's twisted exceptionally far. Dislike a gymnast that will twist and remain in whatever position you put it. It's likewise a disgrace the mouthpiece can't dock itself into the headset when not being used, but rather the additional mass presumably would not have been justified, despite all the trouble.

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S is outlined with changed usefulness and similarity all around considered. It can associate with PS4 Pro, PC, PS4 and different gadgets that help USB sound utilizing the included USB dongle. A straightforward 3-post 3.5mm jack likewise gives it a chance to connect to some other gadget from a modest telephone to a burly Xbox One X or VR headset.

If necessary, a breakout link even comes pressed in the container to part the mouthpiece and earphone sound into double 3.5mm jacks. It ought to be noticed that the enchantment of the Dolby virtual encompass will be lost with choices that don't utilize the USB association.

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S utilizes meshed links that are to some degree unbending. From the earphones, the primary length of link is around three feet, which is a reasonable length to come to the USB control board. The board has a clasp on it that appears to be planned for joining to a pocket or belt.

From that point, the link gets somewhat crazy at approximately eight feet long. In case you're near your PC, the link can feel extreme. However, since it's perfect with supports where you may sit facilitate away, having the additional scope and not requiring it is superior to not having it when required.

Sound garden

In the event that you figure we haven't spouted enough about the outline of the headset, don't stress. The HyperX Cloud Revolver S execution is correspondingly commendable.

Setup is basic. Kingston says "Attachment N Play" and the Cloud Revolver HyperX S are only that. No chase for drivers, no expected programming to oversee sound profiles. We connected the USB gadget to, punched the catch on the dongle to enact Dolby's advanced flag processor, and blast, we were set.

The 50mm drivers pack a punch while keeping sound clearness in place. We turned up diversions to the point where blasts were all around jostling, everything still sounded fresh and clean. The HyperX Cloud Revolver S doesn't jumble high caps or bass lines, and creates clean mid-tones.

The Dolby DSP presents some commotion, however the clamor to-flag proportion is great, and the obstruction is immediately concealed. The main circumstances we extremely saw it was tuning in to music that began calm, with minimal in excess of a solitary note played at once.

On the note of music, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S is particular however fun. With everything set to ordinary, the earphones are fine for music. The in-line control board offers three equalizer presets: a bass lift and a level or vocal EQ. The bass is sufficiently decent, however we didn't discover much use for the level and vocal EQ alternatives. We did, in any case, have a go at kicking on the Dolby DSP while tuning in to music, and it was an impact.

The Dolby advanced flag preparing may present commotion, yet it additionally spreads out every one of the components in the tune, so you feel encompassed by them, loaning a live feel. Al, John and Paco seemed like they were lounging around us franticly picking and tapping their guitars. Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes yelling, "go ahead, chemicals," from all around was stunning.

There's a tinge of reverberate that perfectionist audiophiles may detest, yet it additionally offers some curiosity to melodies we've heard many circumstances. Eddie Hazel's performance in Funkadelic's Maggot Brain can pretty much take you to an alternate measurement even with poop earphones, so it knocked our socks off once more while tuning in with the HyperX Cloud Revolver S and the Dolby DSP exchanged on.

The atmospherics offered in music continued to video content also. We tried this out with a touch of Wonder Woman and Dunkirk. Normally, Dunkirk was serious, with each gunfire rattling us. What emerged most were the minor foundation sounds, similar to the sound of winged creatures and other foundation components we didn't see previously. By spreading out the components, the conditions are substantially more convincing.


Obviously, the greater part of that is simply good to beat all. Computer game execution is what it's about, and the HyperX Cloud Revolver S doesn't frustrate. To put it gruffly, no, the virtual 7.1-channel encompass sound didn't make it feasible for us to definitely pinpoint a stride at our 8 o'clock so we could spin around and astound subtle enemies with a speedy headshot. In any case, regardless it offers strong spatial sound that can help gigantically in diversions.

Since the Dolby DSP makes such a decent showing with regards to of spreading out sounds, it's anything but difficult to recognize sounds even in noisy conditions. We were guarding the finish of King's Row in Overwatch, and however the payload was adjacent and occupied with battle, we could head the boisterous strides of a foe Reaper, get a general thought of where he was (sufficiently certain, he was hiding on the gallery above), and we could caution our partners so as to stay away from a dreadful astonishment.

We likewise tried the HyperX Cloud Revolver S in Rainbow Six Siege and Battlefield One. In Rainbow Six, sound signals can go far to remaining alive and winning, and the HyperX Cloud Revolver S was an expert at keeping us mindful of our environment. In Battlefield One, the encompass sound helped maneuver us into nature, influencing us to feel like we were that considerably more profound in the mud with expert sharpshooters popping shots from the pinnacle to our right side, and some yank hurling fire explosives up in front of us.

Doesn't really work tragically

The amplifier, notwithstanding its finicky adaptability, is a strong decision for gaming. Kingston gloats its TeamSpeak and Discord affirmation, and we were satisfied with it, as well. None of our colleagues at any point yelped, "your mic is disease," while playing with us. The clamor scratching off demonstrated powerful in a group of tests. In our most noticeably awful test condition, an uproarious bistro with music on, a large portion of the sound was lessened, with just the periodic sound of ringing glass coming through.

Foundation commotion was effortlessly overwhelmed by our own voice in the receiver. There's certainly a sweet spot for the mic however. Excessively close and your breath will seem like a solid blast. Too far and it goes swoon. Genuine gamers or streamers with a devoted amplifier can take the receiver off and forget about it (or locate some other use for it).

Last decision

The HyperX Cloud Revolver S is an inside and out great headset intended for gaming however prepared to do as such considerably more. The 7.1-station encompass sound offered through the Dolby DSP makes a wide soundstage that is helpful in recreations and drenches you in motion pictures and music. At the same time, the sound quality astonishes the distance from bass through to treble.

Past the sound, the headset's manufacture emerges as a superior component that legitimizes the somewhat higher cost. Metal, rubber treated plastic, fake cowhide and adaptable foam all meet up into an agreeable and powerful headset that doesn't feel shabby anyplace. Also, did we say the solace? Ten hours of gaming on an apathetic Saturday is too simple to do with the HyperX Cloud Revolver S.

Indeed, the amplifier isn't the most adaptable or simple to stow away we've at any point utilized, yet the sound is fresh and handles the activity of keeping colleagues informed.


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